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I'm Mark and I'm a polymath. No, that doesn't mean I am a math wiz (although people say I am), it just means I am really good at a lot of different things. I LOVE photography, great design (print and architectural), spending time with my AMAZING wife, Candice, my two wild boys (Wyatt and Oslo), any tech-y nerdy stuff, and my loving savior Jesus Christ. I'll try ANYTHING once. I'm that guy who will jump off a 50ft cliff into a lake first, catch a wave, fix your computer, build you a desk from scratch, write some computer code, brew you a bitchin' cup of coffee, PWN some n00b's in C.O.D, and do whatever it takes to get you a totally awesome picture. In short, I love excitement. I can’t wait to meet new people, hear their stories and make them thrilled they hired me to be their photographer.


Hello, we are Mark and Candice Brooke, nice to meet you! We are wedding photographers, parents, partners in crime (married), design blog addicts, shoppers, board game (winners), and coffee lovers. We have a true love for the great outdoors, anything athletic, stuff that is nerdy (in the “cool” way), great movies, and artistic endeavors that take passion and lots of energy. We feel the most important aspect of picking a wedding photographer is knowing you connect with them, their style, and trusting the story they are going to tell through their camera on your wedding day. We would love to be apart of your wedding, and become part of your story and journey as a married couple.

We started Mark Brooke Photography 7 years ago, with the understanding that there is no artistic magic in wedding photography when it looks like a 1980's prom portrait  We made a commitment to each other and to our clients to bring them SUPER RAD, FUN, HAPPY, and  photo-journalistic wedding images that can actually be shown around your house (instead of being hidden away in a dark closet and dragged out for occasional trips down memory lane). Our goal is to capture the two of you, being YOU…and to capture your life in a fun, colorful, artistic, rad way.

We love photographing weddings, families, engaged couples, laughter, love, a split second glance of love between a bride and groom… In short we love photographing PEOPLE.

Now, let’s see if we’re the perfect fit for your wedding by letting you answer some questions:

  1. Are you looking for a photographer who can bring you awesome images that really show-off your true personalities, and your connection to each other and your community?
  2. Do you think that great, artistic photography is an investment, and one of few things that will last after your wedding day is said and done?
  3. Do want artistic, stand alone wedding photos that scream “we are madly in love” all over your new house?
  4. Are you getting married because you are wild about each other and willing to commit for the REST OF YOUR LIFE? Better or worse, richer or poorer, through all of life’s challenges?
  5. Do you want to show off your photos to your grand kids 50 years from now, and have them feel like they know what it was like to be there?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions we would be THRILLED to meet with you asap.

We may not turn out to be the lowest priced option out there, but we believe you’ll see why when you view our portfolio and blog. Our photos are totally unique and we put tons of time, effort, creativity, and LOVE into everything we do, so we can ensure you receive a product and experience you just can’t get anywhere else. We have spent many years fine-tuning our craft, collecting the best photo equipment, and putting effort, thought, and passion into every wedding we photograph. On average we’ll spend 35 hours pouring ourselves into the process of your weddin, making each photo perfect, building you the best designed wedding album on the market, and delivering you a product that represents your love for each other and your dreams for wedding photography! We don’t want to be another one of your “wedding vendors”. We want to build a lasting relationship with you, so you can trust us to capture all the moments that matter most to you on your wedding day and on all the other important occasions that will unfold for you in the years ahead.

Thanks so much for considering us! We would love to meet with you in our studio soon, where you can view our packages, albums, and more slideshows of our work, and we can learn how to make your wedding photos exactly what you’re looking for and more.


I'm Candice and I adore wedding photography, extraordinary design, being a mom to my two little boys (Wyatt and Oslo), and constantly creating new things! I'm a "craft night" kind of girl, who loves to spend her days outdoors. If I could be anywhere in the world I would want to be in Europe shooting your wedding, watching people at a coffee shop, or wandering the streets stealing moments in time with my camera. I’m obsessed with a good old Chi Vanilla Latte and the full color palette of glitter nail polish. I’m naturally upbeat and positive, and I secretly think I’m cool when I have a new pair of sunglasses on. I believe in GOD/JESUS CHRIST and I believe strongly in Marriage.... I was lucky enough to find the love of my life at age 16 (Mark), and I’m blessed to work with him every day, and to photograph rad new clients like you! There is sooooo much more I would love to share with you, but what I really want to do is hear more about YOU and your unique wedding plans.